Bali Autentic Trip. Full Day Trip Pulled in by the Balinese traditions, beauty of mountain scenery, the thick jungles, waterfall, the river crayon, pristine beaches, cultural, way of local people way of life in Bali Hindu Tradition, temple, house, famer or agriculture, people come to Bali to rejuvenate and tune in to a simpler way of life. We offer the autentic of Bali by autentic Balinese family driver

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Bali autentic Trip Village view and activities on farmer

This half day Tours will bring you to see art, culture and traditional life in the villagers, our local guide will tell you their traditions, the history and you would feel culture of Bali. The stop will be made at:
BATUAN village: Here we will visit “The traditional House compound”; CELUK village: a centre for the manufacture of jewelry in Bali, most of the local people in here specialize in gold and silver jewelry;MAS Village: In this village 85% from them work on the wood (good quality of the wood carving); UBUD village: This charming village, surrounded by rice fields and the most popular on the interior of Bali, in here we can visit the Ubud Balinese style palace and the the Ambara Wana Monkey forest and the village temple on valley of the river in the Bali Jungle forest.

2. BALI TOUR 02 – Bali Autentic Trip-  KINTAMANI TOURS , ART, CULTURE AND VOLCANOS (center of Bali)
A wonderful day to bring you to the nearest aspects of the Balinese culture, the Traditional dances, handcrafts village, the landscapes of the rice fields, and temple of sacred spring water in a green valley, the Balinese food and spectacular landscape.
Batubulan Village: To see the Balinese Barong dance, The barong play represent an eternal fight between Good and Evil; Singapadu village : Here we will visit “The traditional House of Bali”. The structure of the house is in old tradition.; Peliatan village: This village, near Ubud, is a village of painters; Mas vilage: In this village 85% from them work on the wood (good quality of the wood carving); Kintamani village: Place to wonder the active volcano, the mountain and the lake Batur with their crater and the landscapes in around; Sebatu spring water temple: Here we will visit the temple water temple and the holy spring water; Tegallalang: the bending road from Kintamani to Tegallalang, with great view the tropical plantations of coffee, palm trees, tropical fruits trees and impressive panorama of the terraces of rice paddy; Celuk Village: A village with about 80% from the people as gold and silver smite,

3. BALI TOUR 03 – Bali Autentic Trip – BEDUGUL TOURS, (DURATION: 8 HOURS)
PACUNG: Volcano panoramic to eastern and panoramic gradually of rice; BEDUGUL: In here where the local people sell their local natural product such as, tropical fruits, vegetables, spices and flowers and also local handcrafts; LAKE BERATAN: This is a beautiful view to the hills, a recreational park, fresh temperature, in order tropical botanical garden, colourfully flowers with the lake of Beratan and its lake temple: ALAS KEDATON jungle: In here there is forest of the monkeys and the village temple; TANAH LOT: from the entire temple in Bali, the most popular is Tanah Lot, located in small but spectacular rocky island, well known and photographed place in Bali.

4. BALI TOUR 04 – Bali Autentic Trip – EAST COAST TOURS, (DURATION: 8 HOURS)
In this trip we will wonder beautiful landscapes, traditions and the history from the time of pre – historical until today. On the way we will visit: TOHPATI village: this village is centre of traditional textile, with great variety and qualities of Batik; Klungkung: Here is the Kertagosa “Palace of Justice”; Kusamba black sandy beach: Picturesque Prahus (colors traditional boats); Goa Lawah Bat Cave temple: the most significant thing in here is the Bats Cave on the walls is full decorated with thousands bats and big Hindu temple; Bukit Jambul: When going toward Bukit Jambul on left – right side of the road there are many beautiful terraces of rice

We will show Bali so much beautiful and spectacular panorama, s the coffee plantations, the plantations of cacao /chocolate, clove and others tropical spices, while Most of the finest tobacco are planted in the north part of Bali. A brief stop will be made in: PACUNG: Volcano panoramic to eastern and panoramic gradually of rice; Mount Catur forest: The forest with hundreds of monkeys near by the Lake Buyan. It’s wonderful views, fields and villages; Git-git waterfall: The beautiful waterfall, with many species plantation long the road. Singaraja: in here we will remains during Dutch period, there being big influence of Chinese and Muslims. Lovina beach: this popular place in north of Bali with its beautiful black sandy beaches with its palm trees, PUPUAN: The winding way from Banjar to Pupuan, with beautiful views to the sea, passing through beautiful rice paddy,.

6. BALI TOUR 06 – Bali Autentic Trip – SUNSET TOURS, (DURATION: 6 HOURS)
This is the most classic Tour. We will visit the Royal temple, village temple with monkey, and the temple of the sea (Tanah Lot). MENGWI Royal Temple: The enormous state temple of Pura Taman Ayun. This temple with beautiful garden surrounded by enormous moat, ALAS KEDATON: In here there is forest of the monkeys and the village temple, TANAH LOT: from all the temple in Bali, the most popular is Tanah Lot, located in small but spectacular rocky island, well known and photographed place in Bali. It is magnify, so much smoothly illuminated on day light of the sun dawn or profiled at dark. It is very touristy with the group visitors, especially in the sunset time.

7. BALI TOUR 07 – Bali Autentic Trip  – BEACH TOURS, (DURATION: 4 HOURS)
These package will give you the new experience for adventure with turtles, see the underwater life activities and watersport.
Turtle Island TRIP PACKAGE :
This tour will be by traditional boat or glass bottom boat for crossing to the turtle island into white sandy beach, the itinerary as below::
Before arrive in turtle island we can do snorkling or to see the colorful corral and the fish .
>>>> CORAL VIEWS by glass bottom boat, to see the colorful coral and the fish, feed them by biscuits or others food.
>>>> SNORKELING, swimming with the fish & coral views by snorkel gear.
>>>> BREEDING TURTLE, feeding by seaweed, hold the Baby’s turtles for kids foible seating on back of the big turtle and take photos with turtles.
>>>> FRUITS BATS, you can hold this bird and full the wing until 1 meters long and take photos.
>>>> BIRD BREEDING, horn bill birds, cocotoos, eagle birds, feed the friendly monkeys.
>>>>PHITHON SNAKE, if you want you can put on your neck and make photos with them.
>>>> AFTERNOON TIME, enjoy your afternoon time with your favorite drink or the favorite fresh coconut milk under the tree in local shop.
>>>> UNIQUE SOUVENIR SHOP, if you interested with coral or seal handicrafts souvenir you can get here.

>>>> THE MOST FUN SPORT GO BY BANANA BOAT along the coast on the rafts sea.
>>>> HUNG UP OVER THE SEA, to see the view a long the beach from 75 meter over the beach.